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May 2011 - Mobileservices partecipate with their products at COSMOFARMA, the prestigious event held in Bologna, from 13th to 15th May.


January 2011 - Mobileservices reach an agreement a platform and a common project on computer security with the company AlienVault  a prestigious global company that provides solutions and services for the defence of computers security for small, medium and large enterprises.


September 2010 - Mobileservices reaches the goal, in addiction to product certification IMQ EMC ISO 9001, for the Quality Management System and improves his business management process.


June 2010 - Mobileservices in order to improve more and more the quality of its products and services, has begun the proces of certification UNI  9001


January 2011 - Mobileservices and QF, Quality in Pharmacy, founded by new line and UTS, are working together to bring innovation in italian pharmacies.


December 2009 - Federfarma in Verona, the assocation of pharmacist which includes about 200 pharmacies in the province of Verona has chosen the technology for their own pharmacies ,


September  2009 - Mobileservices has acquired the technology and know-how in security system of ATCONSULT. Now mobileservices system will benefit from further protection of this technology.


July 2009 - Mobileservices is close to acquisition of technology of ATCONSULT, for leading the management of information security in computer networks.  Secure technology will be made available to the customer to improve security and prevent cyber attack on transations.


The new service for the Pharmacies, INFOFARMACIE, is launched by Mobileservices


Mobileservices started a partnership with New Line  for the reseale of its produts INFOFARMACIE on Italian Territory.


Presentation of the New electronic Display with many innovative features to be placed inside or outside of the pharmacy.


Collaboration with the university of Insubria (Varese) aimed to create projects in the field of wireless and integrated communication.